Trade Show & Event Marketing

In the world of B2B marketing, trade shows and special industry and/or corporate events (e.g. new product introductions/enhancements) can represent a significant marketing investment. Historically, these investments have been viewed as “the cost of doing business”. However, more and more B2B marketers are employing data capture and CRM platforms to effectively track the progress of the suspect/prospect from initial engagement at a trade show on through the proposal process and ultimately the closing of a sale. Given the significant investments in trade show and event marketing, businesses can no longer take the view of "the cost of doing business", but rather are finding themselves in a position to accurately assess the return on marketing dollars expended.

Digital Intersection’s grounding in database marketing well-positions our agency to support our B2B clients in planning, developing, executing and measuring all facets of trade show and event marketing programs. Let us know how we may work with your organization to help get the most out of these business development strategies.

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