4 New Year’s Resolutions Banks Can Support

2017 is almost here. Are you considering what your New Year’s resolutions should be? Some take the tradition more seriously than others, but when it comes to resolutions that involve life changing financial moves, everybody should be sincere.

Financial resolutions for the year to come are often personal, but there are some resolutions we don’t have to shoulder alone; a bank can provide support to help us keep them. Below are four examples of what we mean: New Year’s resolutions that your bank’s products and services can help support, and, in turn, help you achieve marketing goals.

1. Buy a New House

Spring and summer are the strongest seasons for home sales, but shoppers who buy in warm weather often start planning the purchase in fall and winter. Using online marketing to promote home loans that have competitive rates, no early payoff penalty, and other direct consumer benefits can motivate shoppers who are on the fence to take action, and apply for a home loan at your bank.         

2. Buy a New Vehicle

For many, the start of a new year is the perfect time to buy a new automobile for two reasons: New models from the previous year are price slashed, and tax returns provide the money to make a substantial down payment in order to get lower monthly payments.

Some are planning their 2017 car purchase right now. Why wait until the new year rolls in to start your next online marketing campaign for auto loans? There are drivers who would be interested to learn why your loans are better than the rest. Let them know.   

3. Use Credit Cards Less

Buying with credit can be like the proverbial Faustian contract. You get access to a generous credit line, but there’s a steep price to pay when you overspend and can’t handle the bills. This doesn’t happen with debit, of course, because we pay upfront.

This elementary aspect of debit cards makes them attractive to consumers who have gotten in over their head with credit cards and want to turn over a new financial leaf. There’s an old saying in the payment card industry that “Credit is king”, but some people have a New Year’s resolution to make debit the ruler of plastic.   

4. Put Money in Savings

Who wouldn’t like to keep more money in reserve, but who has the will to do it? For many bank customers, the obstacle to making it happen isn’t insufficient earnings or unexpected expenses, but choosing a product that strongly encourages saving for prosperity. CDs fit the bill.

Because CDs are highly secure and have an early withdrawal penalty, they naturally make us leave them untouched until maturity. The security also encourages saving because we see the financial reward at the end of the tunnel; it’s definitely there. Combining these characteristics in a single package creates an awesome product for money saving promotions.   

Your Bank’s Resolutions  

New Year’s resolutions aren’t limited to individuals; companies and organizations have them, too. For banks, attracting new customers and motivating customers to invest more are resolutions that are givens. If your bank needs help with marketing to achieve these goals, we’re here to help. Custom website development, search engine optimization (SEO), and social media are just a few of the resources we use to help banks succeed in an industry whose marketing challenges we understand.

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